NOVACAIN Release Classic Rock/Pop Single 'Shine On Me'

Published on 6 August 2021 at 11:23

By Courtney Jade 



The Novacain band’s newest single, ‘Shine On Me’, is their fourth release since the group’s formation in 2020. Featuring shades of everything from blues to 2000s pop-rock, the track is an effortless combination of bold upbeat riffs laced with a crafty beat and crisp vocals, making it a lively and enjoyable listen. ‘Shine On Me’ strikes a personal chord, while touching on universal themes, arriving as it does right now – as the nation looks forward to moving into some sort of new life, looking for reasons to hope.


I need a resurrection for my pride/I’m like a treasure chest hidden at the bottom of the sea, so shine on me,” Daniel McTaggart sings in the chorus. This track is the perfect summer anthem for those enjoying good weather and celebrating freedom, with the song's rebellious elements and classic feel you can’t help but feel uplifted when singing along to this bop. 


It’s indie rock’n’roll. But I’d like to believe it’s different to anything else out there right now.” These are the words of Lloyd Lock, guitarist for Novacain. “Everyone is trying to be different, now more than ever. We aren’t differen.t” Lock is not unaware of the paradox of standing out by not trying to stand out. He insists on it. “We’re just classic. Classic rock. Classic pop. And… we think we’ve gotten pretty good at it."



This four-piece Indie Rock band draws influence from bands such as The Beatles, Oasis, Kasabian, and The Arctic Monkeys. The band have been playing venues together all across Portsmouth and beyond, forming part of the fabric of their local rock scene for more than seven years now. Their inspiration is presented through riff driven groove and catchy melodies that aim to be relatable and personal, with the purpose of achieving self-reflection and providing songs that capture the moment within their lives, as they live it. The band wants to increase the focus on guitar music and inject some personality back into the mainstream charts.

Their biggest strength, especially over this past year of numerous lockdowns, is perseverance and constant hard work towards achieving their goals. The members bonded over their distaste for modern pop music and the lack of guitar bands within the charts, their appreciation of the Family Guy series, and their congruent vision of becoming the next biggest band in Britain.


These four individuals have grown from strength to strength with each new release through their consistent Classic Indie Pop and Rock sound and constant progression towards rarity and distinctiveness within their music. This band truly is one to follow, pursuing big dreams and gaining further success within the music industry.


'Shine On Me' is out today on all major streaming platforms.






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