YUKA TREE Release Their Much Anticipated Second Single 'The Man In The Leather Laced Shoes'

Published on 6 August 2021 at 16:38

By Alyce Ruby




Manchester/Sheffield based outfit Yuka Tree, has released their anticipated second single today ‘The Man in the Leather Laced Shoes’. Following ‘Preacher’ released last year, which received critical acclaim from the likes of Radio X, RGM Magazine and Music is My Radar. With only one prior release, the post-punk band has already toured across Manchester, Stoke-on-Trent and Sheffield with The Clause, SHEAFS and LIFE. 


Kieran Breese, the band’s vocalist explained: “The song is about power dynamics, trust and perhaps finding it difficult to understand when a relationship is in your best interest or when it is being abused. This could be a romantic, platonic, or organisational relationship.”


‘The Man in the Leather Laced Shoes’ opens with an eerie, dark guitar riff that eventually kicks into a punk heavy chorus. It’s a unique listening experience, reminiscent of fellow post-punkers Shame – they blend the genre with an infusion of rock, resulting in the darker sound. ‘Plant Punk’ in their own words. The vocals could easily just be ‘shouty’ but are emotive and powerful, working perfectly with the music. ‘The Man in the Leather Laced Shoes’ is vastly different to ‘Preacher’, and proves the outfit has the chops to produce more than one sound. 



Yuka Tree are producing tracks up to par with seasoned musicians on just their second single release. With their biggest performance yet coming up on the 21st at The Breadshed in Manchester, supporting Narrow Margin and the acclaim they are already receiving – they have a very promising future ahead of them. 


‘The Man in the Leather Laced Shoes’ is available now on all major streaming platforms. 







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