LAURYN MARIE Releases New Relatable And Personal EP “Lifetime”

Published on 7 August 2021 at 11:26

Photo: Samantha Grant

By Kyle Anderson


Whilst currently studying songwriting at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, 19 year old singer-songwriter from northern California , Lauryn Marie has released a new EP named “Lifetime”. Produced in her bedroom, the EP made up of 5 tracks was written during Lauryn’s freshman year at college and combines indie-rock, folk and bedroom pop creating sincere and relatable songs that aim to reach all types of people.


Lauryn is a gifted song-writer who creates relatable tracks and is a talented musician playing piano, ukulele, guitar, bass , glockenspiel and melodica. Lauryn takes influence from Taylor Swift, Dodie, Orla Gartland and Oh Wonder and their influences can be heard throughout her songs. “Lifetime” is sure to be a success following on from Lauryn’s previous 2020 hit “ Party” which featured in the Top 13 songs out of 17 000 entries nationwide in American Songwriter Magazine’s 35th Anniversary Song Contest.


Lifetime” is a meaningful collection of songs to Lauryn with every song containing parts of her own story. Lauryn’s aim is for listeners to find parts of themselves reflected within the deeply personal songs and realise that they are not alone in their feelings.

Recorded and produced within her bedroom , “Lifetime” features fellow song-writer and friend Elizabeth Piper providing the strings on the title track “ Lifetime”. Set to the sound of muted guitars, lo-fi synths, and beautiful strings by Piper, the EP includes stories of walking alone at night, spider-like people, memories that won’t go away, toxic relationships and imaginary lifetimes.


Photo: Samantha Grant


Breaking down the meaning of the tracks , Lauryn confirms the title track “Lifetime” is about letting go when you realise the relationship you have imagined in your head isn’t going to happen. “Insecure” narrates the feeling of being overpowered by someone’s memory, even though they have been out of your life for a long time, they still make you feel insecure and their words still echo in your head. “Walk” is the darkest song on the EP, which is about being afraid of walking alone at night , especially as a woman.


“Lifetime” the new EP from Lauryn Marie  is out now.









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