“Meghan And Harry ( Nothing Succeeds Like Sussex)” The New Satirical Single From LIZA OPPENHEIMER Is Out Now

Published on 9 August 2021 at 14:54

By Kyle Anderson


The lyrics “Don’t want to offend you” perfectly sums up the cynical satirical new song from Liza Oppenheimer, titled “Meghan and Harry ( Nothing Succeeds Like Sussex)


Released last week, the slam track has been dropped to align with the 40th Birthday of Meghan Markle. The song looks at the fallout since the Duke and Duchess resigned from their senior royal status , with witty swipes directed at Meghan throughout and a cynical view on the recent events. A real timely piece, the track narrates the ongoing revelations and stories that have been drip fed to the press by Harry and Meghan.


Liza Oppenheimer, the indie-pop artist releases this single coming off the back of her debut EP in 2020 “Best Foreign Language Film”. Produced by Jeremy Dawson/MXMS, Shiny Toy guns, a mixture of darkness and witty remarks will be sure to move you however will leave you unsure whether to cry or laugh out loud.



Love Me” a single from the EP was intended to be a comedy and a sad song at the same time. Becoming a poem after an initial email that was never planned on being sent, the song came together as spoken-word over music to the birth of melodies.


“Meghan and Harry ( Nothing Succeeds Like Sussex)” carries forward the trademark sense of humour and satirical lyrics from Liza Oppenheimer and is out now on all platforms.








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