GREEBO Release High-Energy New Single 'Live And Learn'

Published on 10 August 2021 at 10:29

By Kyle Anderson


Following the recently released “Settle Down or Knuckle Up” , Greebo have brought us new music with “Live and Learn”, their fourth studio single.


Live and Learn” narrates the lessons learned about lost love and from the very start of the song until the last note, it is high energy and relentless. Recorded in Colchester’s Unit One Studios, where the band have rehearsed since forming, the track was impressively recorded in a single afternoon.


Greebo comprises of Matt Solomon on drums, Tony Finch on bass and Ash Condon on vocals and guitar. The alternative/Indie three piece based in and around Chelmsford, Essex formed in July 2020 and have spent their time wisely , gelling as a band and working on original music.



Gaining several spins on Chelmsford Community Radio, Greebo are looking to follow on with the success of “Settle Down or Knuckle Up” with this new release “Live and Learn”. With a distinctive and unique sound, the band have every chance to carve themselves a place in the growing Indie Rock scene.


“Live and Learn” was released digitally on 2nd July 2021 and is available on all major streaming platforms.







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