The Good Delusions Release Snappy Single 'Scottie Pippen'

Published on 10 August 2021 at 14:27

By Angus SInclair



The Good Delusions know how to craft a song. There are multiple core elements to song-writing that can take a lifetime to master, homing in on the technicalities of sound production, and vocal training, and mastering instrumentals, and crafting lyricism. I could go on; you get the point, they’re bloody good. 


The rising two-piece – consisting of frontman Gabriel Wyszynski and percussionist Max Kenway – have recently released the quirkily named ‘Scottie Pippen’, and have successfully merged such elements to conjure up a tune that will aid them immensely as they look to leave their mark on the industry.


Their latest track radiates ‘homemade DIY’ vibes, something that can backfire detrimentally, leaving insurmountable damage. The lads have had no such worries; one can only marvel at their ability to channel such a feeling whilst maintaining a professional foundation that ensures the listener knows that these guys are for real. 


Emulating a typically punk style, the lads keep their tunes short and snappy, using raw lyrics to ensure that post-punk music remains cemented in the industry. 


They can certainly draw stark comparisons to prominent punk legends such as: The Sex Pistols, The Jam and The Buzzcocks, and have successfully incorporated modernised post-punk techniques to create nuanced sounds that will see them catapult up the punk charts.



Scottie Pippen was part of the iconic 1995/96 Chicago Bulls basketball team that are widely regarded as the greatest to ever take to the court, and Wyszynski felt that the esteemed athletes' laid back demeanour reflected sufficiently to the band’s song writing. 


The Good Delusions lull you into a false sense of conclusion after fading vocals and instrumentals seemingly bring the track to a close before the two-minute mark; a crescendo of vigorous noise ensues, and the best verse yet sets up one more chorus for an emphatic finish.


Wyszynski and Kenway have stamped a self-proclaimed ‘nonsensical’ vibe onto the song – something that certainly bears an element of truth - but delving deeper into the lyricism unearths an ode to the tumultuous period of adolescence.


I must say, “Scottie Pippen” has gone straight onto my playlist; seriously, these guys are on the up and the talent speaks for itself considering they have kickstarted their career without a label or management. 





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