Single Reviews 10/08/21

Published on 10 August 2021 at 20:28


The Queen of Cov, YNES, is back with her new release ‘God’s Little Punching Bag’. A throwback to the guitar-pop of decades past, YNES is as personable and endearing as ever here. With wry and amusing lyrics, the song captivates the listener until the end and you can’t ask for more than that. She has a growing back catalogue of catchy and fun songs, with ‘God’s  Little Punching Bag’ perhaps the pinnacle but most certainly our Single Of The Week.


Welcome to a late edition of our Weekly Single Reviews and we start this week with scouse trio Murmurs who are back already with their second single ‘Wrong Or Right’ a month after releasing their debut single ‘Not My Girl’. Striking while the iron is hot as the saying goes and why not. This new tune is melodic Liverpudlian pop-rock at its finest, with a soothing melody and a combination of solid drums and rhythmic guitar. At just over two and half minutes long ‘Wrong Or Right’ is a short yet satisfying listen…’Wish You’d Stay’ comes via Silvi, who are a duo from across the border. (Scotland, not Wales). This tender song is heartfelt - and pretty much just the vocal of Jodi and a piano, which allows the song to really breathe. Lyrically personal, ‘Wish You’d Stay’ is a welcome and reflective break from the noisy indie-rock we are accustomed to...The Zebecks have released a five song EP called ‘Out Of The Dust’, which features previous single releases ‘Concrete’ and ‘Violet’. Opener ‘2012’ is instrumental and serves to build anticipation for the rest of the EP while the second song here, ‘Concrete’, which was written in lockdown, kicks things off proper. There are shades of The Snuts here which is a good thing. ‘Aztec Gold’ is a punchy tune that veers towards a more post-punk sound. Previous single ‘Violet’ makes the EP and is the best song here. A jaunty and melodic lo-fi effort. EP closer ‘Phoney Town’ is the lyrically superior song of the five. A fine EP that provides an early insight into The Zebecks, who a couple of years down the line will be at the top of their game...Yorkshire indie band Boxteles have released ‘Let Him Go’ which is the lead single from their latest EP. Stacked with Northern colloquialisms and a US pop-punk sound, it strangely works..Amy Ellen who hails from Dublin, released ‘Days’ a short while back. A slow start gives way to a pleasant enough guitar-pop song that is enjoyable enough. Ellen’s voice is the stand out feature here…’Milk And Honey’ from Honey Motel is up next. The intro and main riff is straight from a The 1975 song (I’m thinking ‘Sex’ maybe) but don’t let that put you off not that it should. Honey Motel always has tremendous production on their singles and this is no different, it just sounds HUGE.The song has a real get up and go about it; a tangible dynamic energy. A massive anthem, ‘Milk And Honey’ cements Honey Motel from being ‘ones to watch’ to just the ones. They have arrived...Indie-rock quartet The Tenters have released their second single ‘Good Will’, the follow up to their debut ‘Alexander’. There’s a definite feel of The Bluetones about this one; sharp sounding rhythm guitar and an endearing vocal make for a bright yet melancholic sound on a single that is one of the standout releases of the week...Tidal Wave have an EP out at the end of October and their latest single, ‘Next Year’ is lifted from that. An intro that is almost a minute long (and this is apparently the Radio Edit), sets the soundscape for an epic track that has just about everything. It is just bloody EPIC. A song that sounds ambient yet is also melodic rock. A must listen...finally we have the debut single from Getaways, called ‘Alright!’ Telling the story of the lockdown through the eyes of these four youngsters, this is traditional, catchy pop-punk. The song flows brilliantly. Getaways have taken their time tweaking this debut release and the dedication and effort involved is reflected in the finished article. An exciting band.


All of the above releases can be listened to on our Spotify Playlist here.

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