Published on 13 August 2021 at 20:12

By Angus SInclair



Wow. The Helicopter Of The Holy Ghost. The birth of their debut album: ‘Afters’. I’m genuinely blown away. Man, the sheer brilliance, the musical aptitude; it’s frankly astounding. It really is a fantastically orchestrated work of art that will scarcely find displeased listeners. 


The gang of talented musicians have combined to create an album of melodic and emotional beauty. Mark Morriss, Billy Reeves, Crayola Lectern and Mark Peters have merged contrasting skillsets for a smooth finish; they evoke emotion as they take you down a euphoric journey that inspires deep thought throughout.


There is an honest-to-god beauty to this cluster of songs, a real innate musical sheen that adds emphatic effect to the magnificent construction. It’s hardly surprising. Reeves, Morriss and the gang are all established and esteemed musicians, and it really does show; the instrumentals merge seamlessly and present a truly refined and tranquil sound. 


The tale of the cadre’s origin is touching in its own right: Billy Reeves – notably forming ‘theaudience’ and discovering Sophie Ellis-Bextor – was victim of a harrowing car crash that inflicted a two-week coma and bouts of amnesia. 


However, in 2017, years later, his brother would present him with salvaged mini discs from the incident, including samples and demos that had long been forgotten; and thus, ‘Afters’ was born. 



This is an album that aspiring artists should study and analyse meticulously, the fusion of the varying aspects is something to marvel. The soothing, melodic undertones throughout emanate a calming sensation and the nuanced sounds presented by Lectern’s gorgeous work on the piano, combined with the energetic guitar riffs Mark Peters, creates a versatile and authentic sound. 


These songs are gorgeous, in the instrumental track ‘Hanger Lane Gyratory System 4.44M’, you find your mind wandering off to the serenity of the ocean, such is the crux of the song with elegant chimes and touching electronics. 


My personal favourite track: “Tony Got A Car” is nine minutes long, but well worth the comprehensive listen, regardless. Sure, there is an edited version, condensed for the wider audience, but Peters’ guitar solo and the wave of sound presents a feeling not too dissimilar to The Verve. 


The album culminates with the reposeful ‘I Didn’t’, an ode to love and a fitting tribute to an excellent album; the blissful strings of a harp bringing the album to a close.


This talented bunch are at the upper echelon of the music industry. I truly hope this album attracts the attention it deserves. ‘Afters’ is a masterpiece, and I will be keeping a watchful eye on the future of ‘Helicopter Of The Holy Ghost’, as well as a captivated ear on the tracks of this album for a long time.


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