AARON SPENCER Releases Creative New Timeless Single 'Incredible'

Published on 20 August 2021 at 21:10

By Kevin Malton (Editor)


Indie-Rock upstart Aaron Spencer has released his storytelling new single 'Incredible'. The talented Cumbrian, who now resides in Liverpool, is slowly building a catalogue of solid single releases and this new track is, so far, the icing on the cake.


With the vocal direct, the song somewhat stripped back, there is a vibe of love-songs-of-yesteryear to 'Incredible'; a certain mature approach to the lyrics. A sound that is timeless.


Of the song, Aaron says: "I had one of those nights out where I felt like I had seen it all before, the DJ was playing the same set and I was seeing all the usual faces. Going home feeling thwarted I had this idea wondering if there was a girl who lived miles away who thought like me and understood life as I know it. It started off being a song about escaping the small town in which I lived, as more lyrics were written it developed into a story about a long-distance romance."



Aaron Spencer released his debut single 'Sticky Dancefloor' last year, and has since also released singles 'Flower' and 'Where Are You Now?'. This new single sees Spencer at the top of his game. With layered percussion and a vintage 'dreamy' guitar sound, 'Incredible' is a textured song that is equally captivating musically as it is lyrically. 


Spencer: "It’s such a contrast to the rest of my releases. It was clear that this song had a softer feel, it was less raw and more romantic. As a result, we got really creative in the studio.”


Aaron Spencer is coming out of the pandemic with a bang. As well as this great new track, he is performing at Jimmy's in Liverpool (headline show) on November the 24th and  supporting Danny Mahon at Gulliver’s, Manchester on the 10th of December.


'Incredible' is out now on all major streaming platforms and you can listen to the track now via our embedded streaming link below.






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