LINA AND THE LIONS - 'Second Nature'

Published on 21 August 2021 at 14:46



Like many of us, Lina And The Lions suffered with discovering their purpose during the worst year of modern times. Trapped, hopeless, locked down. Born in the depths of chaos, purpose became a centrepiece of society during the pandemic, but for this Sheffield band, their debut album gave them all the answers. 


Hope and positivity that streams through an otherworldly ambience - ‘Second Nature’ poses as an illustration of what can be achieved when you take a step back and assess your purpose. Lina and the Lions have returned to their ethos and spirit in this release - with their uplifting lyrical flourishes being central to the new project.


As the band explains: “We wanted every song to have the potential to be someone’s’ personal anthem for hope, fearlessness and self-belief. When we were kids, we all had this extraordinary bravery that allowed us to dream.


And it certainly seems like they have found the perfect formula in creating songs that have a personal aura attached to them. Whether the spacey opener ‘This Fire’ has a meaning for you or not, the powerful ‘The Sky Beneath Our Feet’ may have the answers you are searching for.


‘Second Nature’ is crafted with pristine quality - something which we all expected given the background of the lead singer and her long existing history of creating music. Lina Lane has been writing lyrics and melodies as long as she can remember, with the Israeli-born artist being inspired by a wide range of influences, from Cyndi Lauper to Pale Waves.


This band’s vividly intense love for music is clear to hear on ‘Second Nature’, with each track indulging in the pure joy of indie-pop melodies and the transformative nature of music. *** 1/2


'Second Nature' is available to purchase here


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