Exciting Duo IDLE DREAM Have Released Their New Single 'The First Time'

Published on 23 August 2021 at 09:08

By Angus SInclair



Coronavirus swiftly eradicated the hopes and dreams of musical artists across the world, at least temporarily. But it also provided talented and aspiring songwriters with means of constructing and nurturing samples and tracks, inspiring creation for the innovative mind. 


Such is the case for Idle Dream, a pop-rock duo with an exciting future; through a time of widespread turmoil, one could be forgiven for languishing and resting on their laurels.


Instead, the two-piece – consisting of frontman Chris McGrath and guitarist Connor McCabe – have released their second single ‘The First Time’, excelling as they captivate with resounding waves of instrumentals and vocals. 


Taking inspiration from prominent figures such as Blur and The Pet Shop Boys, McCabe sets the stage with a resounding introductory riff, paving the way for McGrath’s rousing lyrical flow to grasp the listener and keep them enticed throughout.


Without listening to the lyrics, you would be forgiven for assuming ‘The first Time’ is an uplifting and jubilant track, but the crux is far more sincere. 


In this track, Idle Dream tell a tale of the issues surrounding budding relationships, and the anxiety and fear that can so easily ensue. So often, such situations breed an abundance of contrasting emotions that fill the mind to the brim when embarking down a journey of an intimate nature.


McGrath encapsulates this beautifully with his song writing, stating emphatically at the beginning of the verse: “I want to know you when you’re sober”. Such a sentence alone has a large impact and allows the listener to understand the meaning behind the song.



Plying their trade from jolly Dublin, the pair have spent the past two years – decimated by the global pandemic – conjuring new songs and unearthing a distinctive direction.


Indeed, McGrath affirmed his initial struggle to find inspiration and dedication after the project’s inception: McCabe entered the fray in January 2020, unleashing ‘renewed purpose and energy’. 


I am very impressed with Idle Dream; with merely two singles to its name – potentially moulding into a debut EP – the duo is well on its way to successfully establishing themselves in the pop-rock industry. Idle Dream; remember the name. 


'The First Time' is out now on all major streaming platforms.







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