Bubblegrunge Outfit JON ANN Impress With Latest Release 'On The Side'

Published on 23 August 2021 at 10:30


On rare occasion I listen to a band for the first time and I immediately know that they are something very special. This was the case with Jon Ann, the indie-rock twin combo from Adelaide, South Australia.


Their new single, 'On The Side', is a tale of young love. Or to be exact, a break-up song with nous. The opening lines of "You wanted to be with her as well as me/I think it's funny how you'd thought I'd agree" underpinned by an understated shoegaze-indie guitar introduces the listener to what is quite frankly a remarkable track.

Front-woman Christie's endearing accent shines through on the vocal and by the time the chorus lands some forty seconds in (this duo know exactly what they are doing) it is a slam dunk.  The guitar comes crashing in like a wave approaching Hallett Cove and there's the hook, the melody.


Jon Ann have attitude. Not an in-your-face aggressive one but an edge to their sound and lyrics. Personal without being self-involved. Music that is relatable. Looking through their back catalogue (four previous single releases) and each one is a stop what you're doing and listen spectacle. Maybe they just make my kind of music. It should be your kind of music.


Video by: Brendan Bond


The music video to 'On The Side' (which dropped a few days ago) is understated and as such fits the song to a tee. Reminiscent of early 90's Brit Indie music videos, it is simple yet perfect, allowing the song to remain the focus point.


The track was produced by Lachy Bruce and Jon Ann have had local radio play with their previous single releases. Their music is slowly spreading throughout their home country. With young Australians playlisting Jon Ann's music, suggesting that Jon Ann are a word of mouth band and that their songs resonate on a personal level. 


'On The Side' is out now on all major streaming platforms.






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