Rockers ECHOVOX Release 'Get Up!', The Title Track From Their New Album

Published on 23 August 2021 at 11:36


Californian rock band Echovox are Jen Howard (Vocals), Nick Ayers (Drums), Jason Smith (Bass), and Ramesh Berry (Guitar) and they have released 'Get Up', the title track from their hard-hitting ten-track album.


'Get Up!', as the title suggests, is a feel-good rock n roll song that is about getting out there and making something happen. It is motivational, inspiring and a call to arms. With zero pretensions, Echovox have made a classic rock song.


On writing 'Get Up!', the band say: "It was a time when I was really focused on stepping into a new role and changing my career, focusing on music full time. And you know there comes a point in time when you realize, you can talk about it all you want and make plans and tell people what you’re gonna do, but none of that shit really matters. Because, if you don’t actually do it, nothing is gonna happen. You’re not going to build anything".



Echovox fully formed in 2015 in Orange County, California when talented front-woman Jen Howard joined the band. Drawing upon influences such as The Foo Fighters and The Stooges, the band maintain their own distinct melodic hard-rock sound.


The single (and the album) was recorded at 4th Street Recording Studios with Sejo Navajas (Weezer, Ke$ha). The album, fully titled 'Get Up, Get Out There' fully expresses Echovox's ideas and feelings, spanned over ten exciting rock tracks.

'Get Up!' is out now on all major streaming platforms.










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