Single Reviews 24/08/21

Published on 24 August 2021 at 15:43


The Chase are on a roll lately, penning a record deal with Golden Robot and securing a performance at the Isle Of Wight Festival next month. Their new single ‘Death Of Me’ expands the band’s usual melodic Britpop sound with the inclusion of trumpets which gives the track a pop feel. Complete with a powerful chorus, ‘Death Of Me’ demonstrates that The Chase are more than a one trick pony. A vibrant, festival-ready anthem and our Single Of The Week.


Grace Savage follows up ‘Rag Doll’, her first release of 2021 with new single ‘Water Rising’, which also features Mauvey. This alternative pop track has an intensity and depth to it, not dissimilar to chronic anxiety that the lyrics suggest.. Savage is a four time UK Beatbox Champion when she is not creating music and her sense of rhythm shines through on ‘Water Rising’ - there is an almost street vibe to a track that ultimately is pinned on Savage’s great vocal. Grace Savage plays Colours Hoxton, London on 15/10...Kombat used to be a duo and now they are a solo act, still making in your face rock n roll. Their previous single releases all achieved ‘Single Of The Week’ status here, and Kombat’s back catalogue of tunes make up some of our favourite songs in recent years. New single, Mammoth’ has the same fabulous rock vocal and distinct Kombat sound but there is something missing on this one. Not as direct or accessable, ‘Mammoth’ pales in comparison to their previous work. However, it is still likely one of the better new songs you’ll listen to this week..2021 really has been a breakthrough year for Swim School, who have released their five-track EP, ‘Making Sense Of It All’. The Edinburgh band impressed at Latitude Festival and have secured plaudits from ourselves as well as other publications such as The NME and DORK. Opener ‘Let Me Inside Your Head’ serves as an almost EP teaser with its dark and brooding intro. ‘Anyway’ shows Swim School at their core brilliance; dreamy shoegaze gives way to what is fundamentally a pop chorus wrapped up in lo-fi guitar. ‘Everything You Need’ is a slow burner while ‘See Red’ is back to what the quartet do best - hazy dream-pop. Final track ‘Outside’ is Swim School saving the best for last. Being one of their most popular previous single releases, it has a The Smashing Pumpkins feel throughout and rounds the EP off in fine style. So, ‘Making Sense Of It All’ is altogether a good, not great collection of songs from a band who at times show hints of brilliance…’Evening Run’ is the offering from Brighton band Demonstrations. The trio channel the early 90’s sound of proper baggy Manchester on this; there is no mistaking the percussion. The vocals are tuneful and catchy enough, helping to shape what is ultimately an entirely listenable, laid-back tune...Post-punk hopefuls SHEAFS do it better than most of the genre on new single ‘Spectator’. Yes it is predictably dark and moody yet also inviting and intense in equal measures. Just when you think the post-punk thing is played out, SHEAFS revitalise the category with an interesting and well produced track...BLAB took our Single Of The Week with previous release ‘Casual Sex’ and BLAB (Frances Murray) pulls another strong releases out of the bag on new lo-fi single ‘Insurance’. The DIY sound is actual DIY sounding (not recorded at home yet sounds like a studio recording all the same that has become en vogue) and Murray’s Essex vocal adds character to a niche song. An album is on the way and we can’t wait…’Walking In Red’ is the Noel Gallagher-guitar sounding new single from Maystones, who follow up their great ‘Talk It Over’ EP. A drawn out, epic song with a beautiful acoustic sound, ‘Walking In Red’ captures the maturity of the band and the talent of their songwriting…’Nine By Sixteen’ from Wild Spelks is a melancholic pop-punk anthem written and produced by himself. ‘Nine By Sixteen’ is on the right side of remaining credible which is not often the case within the genre these days and the emotion is plain to hear. A perfectly accessible track, Wild Spelks has produced an inoffensive alt-rock single.


All of the above new releases can be listened to now on our Spotify Playlist here.


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