CALLUM GIBSON Releases His Second Single 'Hang In The Sky'

Published on 27 August 2021 at 08:52

By Kyle Anderson


Hang In The Sky” the follow up single to Scottish singer song-writer Callum Gibson’s debut single “Summer” is out now.


Hang In The Sky” is a track with simple production of acoustic guitar, a soft back drop from a drum kit and gentle electric guitar brought together by the distinct vocals of Callum Gibson. The track narrates the wonder of where we go when we die.


Hang In The Sky” shows the same maturity Callum Gibson brought to us via his debut single “Summer”. With the Dundee based singer song-writer’s gripping and authentic vocals sitting on top of the acoustic guitar , the track leaves you wanting more and to truly understand where we go when we pass.

With the musical world struck by the effects of the pandemic, Callum has focused on his song writing and performing gigs online to ensure his music was still heard. Taking part in the Mobilize Music Project , Callum performed several excellent online gigs via Facebook and Instagram.



Callum appeared at the Mobilize Music Festival on Friday 13th August with a pre-recorded live performance. With restrictions loosened within Scotland , Callum is set to play live gigs in his hometown and beyond.


“Hang In The Sky” is out now on all major streaming platforms






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