EMMROSE Releases Hard-Hitting New Single 'Ragdoll'

Published on 27 August 2021 at 14:53

Photo:  Shervin Lainez



When I listened to Emmrose’s latest release ‘Ragdoll’ for the first time, I was bombarded by a barrage of emotions. Curiosity, sadness and a sense of excitement all came over me at once, but most vividly was the realisation that this song features hard-hitting motifs that stretch the mysterious nature of which the song effortlessly ebbs and flows.


Emmrose hits the listener right in the heart with her women’s empowerment anthem. Unlike most of her singles, which are soft and dream-like, this piece hits hard, puts an abusive man in his place, and is an epic “stand up for yourself” song for women. 


Opening with a simple melodic tune that sounds like it is played on a wind-up toy, the listener is captivated from the start by Emmrose’s sweet signature vocals, only to be swept into the explosive chorus and powerful ending. 


The Brooklyn-based singer explains: “I’m not some kind of ragdoll, I’m not your marionette, You won’t get away with this, I’m stronger than you think 


Ragdoll was really inspiring to write. The lyrics encapsulated the feelings I had going through a really toxic relationship, and how I felt like I truly wasn’t respected and trusted. I imagined this song to take place post-breakup. Ragdoll feels like the right mindset when you are leaving a toxic partner. It’s important to stand your ground and show the other person that you won’t put up with their toxicity anymore. The second verse was about the inevitable return of the toxic ex, and how they might say they've changed, but really they are even worse. In my experience, it was really hard not going back, but in this song I wanted to portray strength and humor with the line: “But now I’m just grinning at what you've become.” 


Photo:  Shervin Lainez


Most impressively, though, is the fact that Emmrose is only seventeen years old. Releasing twelve singles and an EP already, the prolific writer has gained nearly one million streams on Spotify - a commendable achievement for an unsigned, independent artist so young. 


She was born and raised in Manhattan and started writing music at the age of thirteen and performing in area NYC clubs at the age of fourteen, but her journey to stardom is far from over. ‘Ragdoll’ is a momentous release in her road to glory; we are certain she will make it.


'Ragdoll' is out today on all major streaming services.










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