ELLIS NEWMAN Releases Second Single Of The Summer “Overrated”: A Frustrated Ode To Modern Life, Put To A Synth-Pop Backdrop

Published on 27 August 2021 at 16:13

Words by Tom Farmer- @tomfarmer5000 @TomFarmerJourno 


Having spent the last eight days in COVID isolation, it seems as though my phone has
become an extension of my body. Instead of having four limbs, I now seem to have a
metallic, buzzing fifth limb. What better time, then, to review Dutch singer-songwriter Ellis
Newman’s new single “Overrated”: a warning of the harm and deceit of social media.

Based in Holland, Ellis Newman released her debut single “Love To Cry” in late June. With
intimate lyrics and raw vocals, Newman has a conversational and approachable way of
being heard. Speaking about her accessibility as an artist, the Dutch singer states she wants
her tracks to be more like an “end-of-day Facetime with your best friend”, perhaps opposed
to a visit to the soapbox. Now, three months later, the artist is back with a damning
crucifixion of so-called “influencers” and “clout-chasers”.

With many addiction experts believing that the global population is facing an epidemic of
social media addiction, “Overrated” sees Newman candidly and eloquently outlines the
perils of social media, namely the superficiality of what is posted. To a tasty backdrop of pop
synths and a steady drum beat, Newman declares:There’s nothing wrong with not living the
high life/I like not having to live up to a made up standard.” With an unapologetically honest
message, it’s certainly a track that lyrically packs a punch.


Photo: Anouk Post


Sonically, “Overrated” is closest to a pop song, retrofitted for a dancefloor near you. Even if
it’s not naturally your cup of tea, it would be hard to deny that the chorus catches you off-
guard, being catchy and anthemic. If you can resist the urge to tap your feet or nod your
head, I would be immensely surprised.

Honest, visceral and melodically addictive, Ellis Newman has put together a very strong pop
track. Filter-free and with clout-chasing cut, “Overrated” is a genuine Instagram post, more
than deserving of a like.


"Overrated" is out now on all major streaming platforms.







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