MELLOR Captivate With Fresh EP "Fragment Of Imagination"

Published on 27 August 2021 at 21:50

By Angus SInclair



Mellor are making significant waves in the rock music scene and are coming on leaps and bounds having recently released the enigmatic EP: “Fragment of Imagination”.


The EP is both mysterious and enticing, and a reflection of the bands own image and ideology, consisting of five tracks: Cool, Calm and Deranged; Version of a Life; Vacant Stare; Shame; Lost in This World.


Alongside the birth of the intense collection, the excellent music video for acclaimed single “Vacant Stare” is now out; a monochrome, raw and brilliantly simplistic visual, the scene plays out very much singer-to-camera, and was orchestrated by Mellor itself, paying homage to the array of skills readily utilised by the surging band. 


The four-piece, plying their trade from Reading, have already achieved success in the maiden period of their career, amassing over one million views across all released songs thus far. 


Mellor seamlessly merges bouncing guitar riffs and enticing melodies, and there is an undeniably innate sheen to this EP: Mellor know what they are doing, and they know how to succeed.



With the coronavirus pandemic being used to successfully refine and nurture an already abundantly talented belt, “Fragment Of Imagination” will undoubtedly catapult Mellor into the next stage of their musical development. 


Recently signed to Eighty4 Music / Ingrooves, Mellor are adding layer upon layer as they continue to strive towards reaching the forefront of the British contemporary rock scene; as a listener, you find yourself captivated by the engaging and roaring depth of the band’s sound. 


I must confess, I had never heard of Mellor before delving into their work last week. And now, I wonder why. Many aspiring talents in the industry dream of achieving success in the early stage of their development, and Mellor have done so with aplomb.


Stay tuned, and I implore you to listen to the EP: “Fragment of Imagination”. Mellor are one of the hottest prospects of the current indie-rock music scene, very much capable of emerging as a prominent figure in the industry.


"Fragment Of Imagination" is out now on all major streaming services.







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