Teddy Clarke Releases His Debut Single "The World In Which They Play"

Published on 28 August 2021 at 01:21

Photo:  Rachel Kiki

By Alyce Ruby




Up and coming singer-songwriter Teddy Clarke has released his debut single. ‘The World In Which They Play’ is our first listen of the new artist, and a bold start it certainly is. 


Teddy dives straight into the deep end, commenting on the current state of climate change in an eye-opening yet whimsical fashion. It’s an issue we’re all aware of, but few are willing to make the sacrifices to create change – creating a bleak future for generations to come. In his lyrics Teddy tells the stories of a younger generation not experiencing the world in the way we have, and they never will unless we do something about it – “The future that they have/Our selfishness dictates.”


On the track, Teddy said: I found myself watching and reading a lot about climate change during the first lockdown. The damage we’ve done is irreparable and if we don’t start making some major changes now the future looks pretty bleak. Future generations will never get to see the world as we’ve known it. Cinematic music is a big inspiration for my songs. I wanted the track to take listeners on a journey. The verses have a childlike innocent feel, but as the song progresses there is a huge build. The guitars become heavier and this is important as I wanted the power of the lyrics to run parallel with the music.”


Photo:  Rachel Kiki


‘The World In Which They Play’ is truly a unique listening experience. The piano sequence on the intro and verses is childlike, it has the innocence and pace of a lullaby. When the chorus hits we get a powerful, heavier sound - a far cry from the playful verses. We then build up to the bridge – electric guitars and layered vocals lead the end of the track with a sound parallel to the severity of the lyrics. It’s a cinematic listening journey that forces you to take in the message of the track in a unique form, as if you’re listening to a story. 


‘The World In Which They Play’ is available now on all major streaming platforms. 








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Christina Kelly
3 years ago

I love this single and love this write up ❤️