HALEIGH BOWERS Releases New, Personal Track 'Jealous'

Published on 28 August 2021 at 12:43



Born in less than twenty minutes and out of a literal nightmare, ‘Jealous’ is the new single released by the progressively promising singer-songwriter Haleigh Bowers. It’s powerful and thought-provoking, deliciously addictive and intensely meaningful - this new single can easily be enjoyed by all.


After being raised on books, adopting an elaborate imagination that quickly evolved itself to songwriting, Haleigh Bowers is the perfect example of a creatively indulged youngster who turned her creativity into her lifework. 


As the singer said herself: “I believe the witty storytelling and powerhouse vocal performance in this song point to a broader understanding of me as an artist- at heart I am a storyteller and emotional interpreter that puts to words what others cannot. I believe my music communicates that.


Haleigh Bowers is a self-proclaimed word nerd based in Los Angeles, California, who is in the midst of taking the world by storm. Inspired by authors and musical artists alike, she channels her passion for language and storytelling into potent lyricism that prods at the human psyche.


Photo: Emily Pinto


Shown in the release of ‘Jealous’, she uniquely combines vulnerable introspection and evocative melodies to transcend the boundaries of modern folk rock - undoubtedly leaving you wanting more. Her skillset as a collaborative writer has resulted in a long list of accolades, including placements on over ninety episodes of television shows spanning ten networks. 


But she refuses to stop there.


Fuelled by strong coffee and her local library card, Bowers is set to release her much anticipated debut solo album ‘Living Proof’ in spring 2022. In the meantime, she will be kicking things off with the release of ‘Jealous’. 


'Jealous' is out now on all major streaming platforms.







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