"Parma Violets” The New Single From DANNY DARLINGTON Is Out Now

Published on 29 August 2021 at 20:38

By Kyle Anderson


Up and coming artist Danny Darlington brings us new music with his latest single Parma Violets ”, a track based around a one sided passion within a relationship.


Danny Darlington from Manchester is an eighteen year old singer-songwriter and “Parma Violets” is his best work to date. Fusing his passion for dream pop along with indie rock, Danny has been performing and releasing his own music over the last four years.


Reflecting on the angst that comes with young love, “Parma Violets ” tells the story of one person catching feelings harder than the other. The track narrates when boy meets girl and in this case the boy thinks what if things don’t pan out and the fear of losing the girl creeps in. Lyrically using the metaphor of the girl being as sweet as Parma Violets gives the song its title.



Talented both lyrically and vocally, Danny also plays several instruments and is sure to catch the attention of listeners with this what if and what could be or not be dreamy pop song.


“Parma Violets” the new single from Danny Darlington is out now on all major streaming platforms





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