Bournemouth's SOULHOLE Have Released Their New Single 'Hairy Grin'

Published on 1 September 2021 at 18:29

Photo:  Francis Oak

By Kyle Anderson


“Hairy Grin”, the new single from Soulhole see’s the band really put their heart and soul into the track as they find their musical identity.


Hairy Grin” is bursting with energy giving it an Artic Monkeys like vibe that see’s the band bring together a fusion of indie and funk-rock. With captivating synths and funky guitar riffs, listeners are given the perfect platform to funk out to this track. The band says that the track narrates one member at a house party, “sketching out” with no enjoyment to be had.


The four-piece formed back in 2014 and all come from the South Coast of the UK. Soulhole consists of Jordan Digby (guitar and lead vocals) , Matt Digby (keys and backing vocals), Nate Wallington (drums) and Billy Poore ( bass guitar).


Based on melodic instrumentals, the groups musical experimentation and pursuits are enhanced by the lead vocals and strong keyboard work. Soulhole’s lyrics have a satirical take on modern life, focussing on 21st century living.


Photo:  Francis Oak


After winning “ The Sound Of Summer” in Soho, London, the band got the chance to play at Bestival in 2018. Soulhole have a list of singles ready to follow “Hairy Grin” and are ready to tour their music soon. 2021 is going to be Soulhole's year.


“Hairy Grin” the new single from Souhole is out now on all major streaming platforms.









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