ENFERS Have Today Released Their Debut EP "Come When They Call Labour"

Published on 1 September 2021 at 19:29


Enfers, the young Leeds-based four-piece indie pop band, are today celebrating the release of their debut EP "Come When They Call Labour."


The four-track EP contains the band's previously released and well-received singles "Awake" and "Waiting Rooms" as well two new songs. Sam. Jonny, Aaron and Luke have put together a collection of exciting indie-pop that spans several genres.


New tracks "The Circuit" and "Heaven In A Wildflower" are both captivating in their own right. "The Circuit" is about local live music scenes, and the journey bands go on while plying their trade. and the journey that many artists may relate to when working and creating within cultural groups and scenes. A positive and uplifting song, it starts the EP in fine style. The other new effort here is EP closer "Heaven Is A Wildflower" which is simply astounding. The vocal of singer Sam Donley really shine and it is made obvious that he is a special talent.  The song has more than a nod to Queen and more specifically Freddie Mercury, such is the standard on display. 


Sam Donley on "Come When They Call Labour": Our debut EP is a collection of songs that encompass many of the ideas, lyrics and melodies that we've been gathering and holding onto for a while now. Some songs stem from ideas that were written years ago, whilst others were written only very recently. In many ways, the tracks which we chose for the EP are the ones that most represent the journey from when we first formed the band to where we are now. Each one is quite different to the next but all of them live somewhere along the spectrum between commercial pop and indie rock.


"Come When They Call Labour" is out now on all major streaming services.






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