'Wanderer' The New EP From SOVEREIGN Is Out Now

Published on 3 September 2021 at 16:27

Photo: Anna Valentinuzzi

By Kyle Anderson


Wanderer” the new deeply personal EP from Sovereign is out now. The tracks tell the chronological story of lead singer Frederik’s struggle with battling depression.


Coming off the back of excellent reviews of the band’s first single “Purple Heart” across Denmark and other foreign music media, Sovereign is a deeply intimate and personal recollection of front man Frederik’s changed behaviour towards his loved ones , down to suffering from depression and quarrels amongst the band that turned into physical scuffles. Looking deep within himself , Frederik realised he had to bring back the person he once was to build bridges with his friends and family.


Keeping a diary as per advice from his therapist, Frederick used this method as a way of creating and writing tracks and helped him battle his demons. Conveying his deepest and most personal emotions where he had struggled to process the situation and recognise the issues, “Wanderer” brings together a collection of songs which perfectly narrates this personal and hard time for Frederick.


In order to retell the story, a musical framework was created by the band to channel the journey and feelings experienced. Encouraging synths and sinister soundscapes combined with a gradually tuned up snare drum developing throughout along with grandiose guitar sections highlighting reaching greatness from a feeling of total emptiness portray the story excellently. Ensuring that the music reflected both the admiration of what was overcome along with the lyrics origins was key to the band in the creation process.


Photo: Anna Valentinuzzi


With an original gloomy outlook, The EP lets rock music become a therapy for the soul and invites listeners into an honest and captivating universe. Classic pop-rock melodic choruses dominate the impressive soundscape and an energetic title track embodies this vibe. Previously released in June, “Purple Heart”  contains an immediately catchy chorus with vocals which blend perfectly with the slide guitar. “Wanderer” also lets the listeners into a stadium worthy anthem track with “ Like The River” and “Lost Again” provides a melancholy outlook on events. Coming together the tracks within “Wanderer” takes listeners through a journey of confrontations, acknowledgements and how writing songs brought Frederik out of the dark times.


After the success of playing support act gigs for one of the biggest Danish Acts , Carpark North, Sovereign have released their new deeply personal EP which is out now on all major platforms.





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