FOX FAGAN Has Today Released His Honest And Poignant New Single ‘Nobody On The Block’

Published on 6 September 2021 at 13:30

Original photo:  Gregory Kasunich



Indie-rock singer-songwriter Fox Fagan has today released his new single ‘Nobody On The Block’ via his own label Foxtone Records. The song tells the story of a homeless sex worker, Jodie, who is a person the narrator’s neighbour was offering to help with a place to stay.


And despite being his first release for quite a while - in fact, his first in over a decade - Fagan shows no signs of rust in this puissant new song. Having been recorded in his friend’s apartment many years ago, before being trapped in a misplaced hard drive until recently, it features sophisticated cello harmonies and some slick guitar work from some of his favourite friends and musicians.


The seasoned songwriter first fell in love with music when he received a Casio keyboard from his father as a child. Fagan later expanded his instrumentalism across a range of other instruments and began to compose his own tracks inspired by Elvis Costello, Billy Bragg and Leonard Cohen.


Photo:  Gregory Kasunich


Desiring to create a musical narrative that was as relatable as his idols, Fagan prides himself on formulating lyrics that are honest, personal and poignant. In his catalogue of releases, you will find he is mostly inspired by the three continents he has resided in. The eclectic songwriter was born in the UK but spent much of his life in Australia before further relocating to Los Angeles in 2008.


As aforementioned, this song writing superstar has had a long break from the industry, but for those who will remember him from his reign over a decade ago will not be disappointed by the release of ‘Nobody On The Block’. 


'Nobody On The Block' is out now on all major streaming platforms.









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