'Tonight Might Be Different', The New Single From THE KECKS Has Been Released Alongside The Delightfully Retro Music Video

Published on 6 September 2021 at 14:11

Original photo: Denis Uhreniuk

By Kyle Anderson


 Cross-continental rockers The Kecks have released their infectious new single “Tonight Might Be Different”. along with the delightfully retro music video.


Brought to listeners by Blagger Records, “Tonight Might Be Different” narrates the story of how life can be  a shambles yet everyone lives with the hope that for one night, it may be different. Perfectly capturing the current times we live in, the song captures the frustration and energy felt during the never ending saga of the global pandemic.


“Tonight Might Be Different” follows the love-ballad “All For Me” and  is an instantly catchy  disco track which has been given a rock edge. Bringing together the honest and raw trademark lyrics expected from The Kecks, the song has a deep groove.  Providing more hooks than Mike Tyson opponents felt in their prime, the track builds up to the climax of an excellent guitar solo finale and is the self-destructible danceable indie banger we all need.


Impressively selling out in a matter of days, “Tonight Might Be different” was The Kecks first physical release, prior to the track appearing on major streaming platforms.  With hand painted artwork by the bands frontman Lennart Uschmann , a nod to their DIY roots, the limited transparent vinyl on UK based Butterfly Effect Records flew off the shelves. Now, The Kecks treat fans with the release of the must-watch music video.



The music video was created by the United States based
cinematographer Andy Ray Lemon. He put together some old VHS footage, added some psychedelic
visual effects and produced a captivating off-kilter music video that fits the track perfectly.


The Kecks have set out a strong DIY work ethic , touring across Europe and the UK and released three previous singles. Drawing comparisons to The Strokes, the band from Hamburg, Germany have worked on new songs and sounds during lockdowns and are ready to return to performing live with their first show post lockdown in their home city.


With a recording session set for later in the summer at the world renowned Clouds Hill Studios in Hamburg, The Kecks are sure to continue their success as they team up with the producer behind The Strokes first two albums , Gordon Raphael.


“Tonight Might Be Different”, the extremely catchy new single from The Kecks is out now on all major streaming platforms.



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