COURTNEY JADE Has Released A New Music Video Alongside Her Latest Single ‘Fantasy’

Published on 6 September 2021 at 14:38



As an insatiable music lover who usually becomes punctilious when it comes to new releases, it’s only every so often that someone releases a new single that is worth mountains of praise. But Courtney Jade has proven it’s more than possible this week.


Upcoming artist Courtney Jade has recently released new track ‘Fantasy’, which combines her wonderfully refined soulful vocals with this R&B style track accompanied by expressive jazz elements. It is a heartfelt song that explores the themes of identity and perspective.


At the age of sixteen, the ever-zealous songwriter moved to the UK where she has since released seven singles that she has performed at many of her gigs across London. She has already gained recognition from the likes of BBC Music Introducing, with her single ‘Deserve Me’ being showcased in February 2020, as well as BBC Radio London giving her an interview on the Richard Elms show. As for ‘Fantasy’, it is a single that has already been performed by Courtney Jade at the 2021 BBC Airwaves Festival on BBC Radio London.


Her passion has allowed her to freely express emotion through her soulful music which effortlessly captures the trials and prosperity of life, in hope that it would encourage others to explore what makes them feel alive. Music for Courtney has always been a form of self-expression, something that has allowed her to truly express her own individuality. Her voice encapsulates both her strength of determination in life as well as her gentle character.


Now, Courtney Jade has released a soulful and eye-catching music video for the single.



When speaking about the song, Courtney Jade said:This song explores the idea of fantasy versus reality, of what we wish to be true and the fantasy that we desire. It plays on these ideas through which it explores identity.” 


About the video, she adds: “The music video is a beautiful depiction of my normal life at home versus this fantasy life which I dream of.” 


At such a young age, Courtney Jade has already showcased her ability to perform at a musical magnum opus, we just can’t wait to see how high she can reach with her effortlessly addictive soundscape. 




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