NORDI BLU’s Delightful New Single ‘China Doll’ Explores The Folkier Side Of Pop

Published on 12 September 2021 at 15:30



Naturally, the human body is most drawn to songs that make us feel something. Whether that be on an emotional, spiritual or physical level, the more thought-provoking a song is, the more likely it is to leave an impact on us as listeners.


As for Nordi Blu’s latest single ‘China Doll’, which explores the folkier side of pop, it is an anthem that makes you feel like the main character in any setting. Walking on the beach or sitting on the tube after a long week, listening to this song will give you a sense of belonging.


But despite this common theme, in reality, the song embarks into a deeper meaning than what can be heard from the surface.


Written when she was only seventeen, ‘China Doll’ is an emotional and wrenching song about a violent loss of innocence. But the song reminds us that tomorrow always comes - a sign of hope, helping to heal past trauma. It is another song that features bewitching melodies, set to be found on Blu’s forthcoming album.



Following her participation on the Voice of Germany, which saw her successfully reach the quarter finals, Blu has been hard at work, writing, recording and producing her debut album due in 2021.


She is finally releasing her relentless spirit and expanding artistic vision into the public eye, with her first single ‘Skin’, ‘Eye of the Hurricane’, and now ‘China Doll’.


Nordi Blu’s musical influences criss-cross the Atlantic much like her bi-continental upbringing in Paris and Chicago. While her musical heroes include Arctic Monkeys, Jack White and Janis Joplin, it is not surprising that her tone and voice are infused with life-affirming soul, gospel and raw intimacy.


People say you either remain a slave to tradition or break with it; it is safe to say that Nordi Blu has found common ground in both with the release of ‘China Doll’ this week. 


'China Doll' is out now on all major streaming platforms.








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