'Say', The 80's Inspired New Single From BREAKFAST FOR DINNER Is Out Now

Published on 12 September 2021 at 18:13


Breakfast For Dinner, that’s a phrase you’ve probably heard being said a lot if you are from the U.K. After all, who doesn’t love it when your mum cooks a fry up for tea? But anyways, Breakfast For Dinner is something a little different this time. In this instance, we’re talking about a New York-based indie pop band that are cooking up their own melting pot of musical flavour.


The four-piece seamlessly blends glistening synth textures accompanied by reverb drenched lead lines resembling Pale Waves and Nightly. A true sound that was made to put you into a good spirit. 


Say’ is their latest pop gem that features swirling guitars and lifting drums, alongside dreamy sun-drenched vocals. With the 80’s feel that the track brings with it, it wouldn’t be out of place on a John Hughes film and soundtrack.


Following in the footsteps of bands akin to The 1975 and Joan, Breakfast For Dinner’s newest release has certainly captured that ‘in the feels’ essence of the indie-pop genre.



Talking ahead of the release, the band explained: "Say is about not wanting to hold your partner back in a relationship. I think when you care about someone else’s needs so much, and you aren’t mindful, you can accidentally put your emotions in the backseat. And you can find yourself feeling selfish, or even embarrassed, for expressing your own. 


“This song is a confession of those feelings; while illustrating the eagerness to see the other person thrive, because you want them to keep growing, and you know they deserve more. The song is vulnerable in the sense that it expresses the preference of physical closeness, but also the choice to let it go for the possibility of the other person being happier— and the unknown that comes along with that. We tracked this song in our apartment living room around 10am during the weekend. It was one of the quickest and truest songs we have ever written."


'Say' is out now on all major streaming platforms.








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