KIRSTEEN HARVEY Unveils New Single 'No Life Is Quiet' Along With The Music Video

Published on 13 September 2021 at 21:17

Photo: Humble Film Productions



Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of cities in Britain that have an ever-flowing, creative music scene, but for whatever reason, Manchester and Glasgow seem to share the crown, and that’s something that 22-year-old Kirsteen Harvey embellishes with her latest single ‘No Life Is Quiet’.


Hailing from Scotland’s creative jewel herself, Kirsteen Harvey has been garnering unwavering support and recognition from various people from all around the UK, through her music. This is her sixth release already, having only started in 2020.


Upon every new creation, the Glaswegian aims to explore different avenues to broaden her 360-degree horizon. ‘No Life Is Quiet’ shifts her musical style, visuals and overall feel by telling the story of how the news and media has become so ingrained into everybody’s lives in the past year. Featuring thought-provoking and slightly controversial lyrics, the song is also accompanied by a music video that brings her words to life.



Humble Film Productions directed and produced the music video for this song, and with it comes loads of old-fashioned TV’s and the creator as a news reporter. The video premiered at 5 PM GMT on 3rd September and is available to watch down below or on her YouTube channel.


‘No Life Is Quiet’ takes the role of a jazzed-up anthem that features catchy guitar melodies rounded up by a deep and relevant topic of current politics. If you want something fresh and topical, Kirsteen Harvey has you covered. 


'No Life Is Quiet' is out now on all major streaming platforms.






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