CARAMEL Channel Their Authentic Quirks With Vibrant Release: ‘I Am So Bored’

Published on 14 September 2021 at 18:37

By Angus SInclair



Fresh to the scene, Caramel have delivered and then some with their second single, ‘I Am So Bored’, a fantastic song with a commingle of issues and thoughts that are portrayed across a merge of styles, all packed into three-and-a-half bouncing minutes with aplomb.


Following from the raucous and distinctive maiden piece, ‘Dreams of 60’s Counterculture’, a pop-rock ode to the buoyancy of the 60’s, the four-piece return with a contemplative and vibrant song. 


Plying a budding trade from the coastal city of Brighton on the south, Caramel – consisting of lead singers Jamie Broughton and Olly Parkes, bassist James Virtue, and percussionist Peter Goldbach - defy the conventional blueprint that many aspiring talents adhere to, establishing a quirky and inquisitive approach to an abundant musical world. 


This is incorporated into both singles thus far, with ‘I Am Bored’ particularly commendable for its usage of varying techniques and genres to create a truly authentic sound. 


Parkes, the lyricist behind the captivating tune, has laudably combined feelings such as self-deprecation and the tantalising reach for a flourishing life, which in turn births a track inviting the listener to join them on this candid journey, and resonate with the inflicted struggles.



A band distinguishable by an authentic and spontaneous feel are instantly worthy of a listen, so often the prominent tracks in the music industry consist of what feels like recycled material. Caramel are no such artists; they channel creative flow from all angles to place them away from the crowd of familiar melodies. 


Around the midpoint, Caramel’s emphasis shifts, and the onus is on eradicating doubt and affirming that striving for ambitious accomplishments is well within reach. 


Swiftly, after a dramatic cease of sound, the tempo rises and the angst-filled focus shifts to feelings of unfulfillment once more culminating in a crescendo of ennui and boredom, before petering out to the sound of the drum, deflated. 


Parkes really did exemplary work in encapsulating the feeling of apathy and succinctly translating it into this piece of music; the passion and emotion from Caramel practically brims from the speaker as the lads combine vocals to roar into their respective mics and create a tumultuous vocal whirlwind imitating that of a languishing mind. 


This cracking tune achieves unmitigated success in expressing the dilemmas concerning apathy and obstacles that can be presented as insurmountable walls. 


‘I Am Bored’ is a resounding and expressive piece of music, smartly constructed and depicting the prevalent issues of self-identity and individuality that contrast with the belief that one can surpass expectations and strive for ambitious goals. 

'I Am So Bored' is out now on all major streaming platforms.









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