Glasgow's THE KAVES Release Incredible Debut Single 'Migraine'

Published on 15 September 2021 at 17:24



One of the first things we like to look out for when discovering a brand-new band for the first time here at Our Sound Music is their level of effort. With The Kaves bursting onto the scene with their first-ever single this week, the abundance of elbow grease shown throughout ‘Migraine’ is a promising start to life in music.


The band consists of Dave MacDiarmid on guitar and vocals, Evan Hunter on drums, and brothers Liam and Sean Prior on lead guitar and bass. Finding berth in the creativity of Glasgow, the band explain that ‘Migraine’ best represents their ideal sound and image.


Through an incessant and articulate shimmering of guitar sounds, which are omnipotently covered in a bubble of baritone vocals, their first-ever single announces the band in fine fashion.



The Kaves bring energy in opulence and maintain complacency in scruples, clearing the way for a banger of a first song. We are already impressed by this band, but just imagine what they’ll achieve in the years ahead. 


For fans of the Britpop glory days, it would be easy for The Kaves to crumble perpetually into the void of sameness. When push comes to shove, so many bands falter and cave in, leading them down the winding road of following the crowd, but if ‘Migraine' is anything to go by, this band may just prove to be… different.


'Migraine' is out now on all major streaming platforms.





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