Compelling And Candid, JAKE ALDRIDGE Excels In Expressing His Talent With New Single “Down”

Published on 17 September 2021 at 22:06

Photo: Noah Revill

Words: Angus SInclair



Award-winning musician Jake Aldridge has added to a growing pedigree of released tracks with a compelling and melodic new tune. ‘Down’ embraces the buoyancy of soft pop and combines it seamlessly with an inspired country element to create a candid tune. 


Aldridge has eloquently constructed the song, with gripping and smart lyrics that swiftly initiate a nuanced jump in genre, differing from the hip-hop influenced music that received lauded response to set in stone a clear level in the wealth of musical talent.


Produced by Nashville based Simon Reid and was co-written by multi-instrumentalist David Edward Booth, Aldridge has been fantastically aided to present a professional and slick track


Harrowingly, Aldridge’s father was killed by lightning on a family fishing trip when Jake was eleven years of age – a traumatic experience became the impetus for a means to add depth to his work, and to express himself through his music.


The freedom to express himself through his music came naturally to Aldridge from here and became the focal point of his rise in the industry as he channelled a sense of rhythm.



The inception of Aldridge’s career as a music artist had a clear difference, utilising a rap style and only focusing on singing later. He somewhat lacked a natural rhythm before developing a distinct musical voice to aid his innate talent as a rising artist.  


This brought great success. Aldridge was the winner of the ‘Audience Choice’ award at the 2017 ‘New Music Generator’ awards, with voluptuous hits ‘Erotic’ and ‘Falling’ received a regular perch on Sky’s Playboy TV channel. 


With appearances on BBC Radio Suffolk and BBC Radio Cambridge, accompanied with an accumulation of over 70,000 streams on Spotify, the foundation for a prosperous career is there alright, and Aldridge has made the grade once again.


Here is a quote from the man himself; "‘Down’ pays homage to, and celebrates, ‘the underdog’. Aldridge detailed his thoughts on his new release and expressed his desire to create music that evokes confidence and inspiration with a clear message."


“I’ve always wanted to write songs that are close to my heart. Songs with a meaning that I believe in, and a message that I can stand for. I hope that my achievements (despite the odds being stacked against me) will help remind others to never give up and that anything is possible”


'Down' is out now on all major streaming platforms.


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