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Published on 18 September 2021 at 04:17


DDE’s are a band who have been sitting on something special for a short while now - their new single ‘It’s Not The End Of The World’. The band seem to have been born again with this incredible new release that leaves their back catalogue paling in comparison. The track begins with a sample from the classic Skeeter Davis song ‘The End Of The World’ before a thick acoustic sound is introduced. A ballad of hope and reassurance, DDE’s have surpassed themselves here on one of the best songs we have heard so far this year. ‘It’s Not The End Of The World’ is our Single Of The Week. Listen here.

This is a bumper two week special edition (I didn’t have time to do last week’s releases). Fuzzy Sun kick things off in style with ‘Morning Light’ which is taken from their upcoming EP, out in November. The Stockport four-piece are also off on tour around the UK in early December with tickets on sale now here. Back to the tune then and it is initially a mellow affair with soft vocals that find a soaring chorus and some energetic guitar along the way. ‘Morning Light’ is inoffensive enough but Fuzzy Sun really excel with their more energetic songs such as their earlier release ‘Fake It’... ‘Other Side’ comes our way via Mancunian lads The Haciendas. This is straightforward rock n roll and while the band should be applauded for taking a heavier approach than previous efforts and trying something different, the song is altogether predictable and uninspired both lyrically and musically...The Notion, another four-piece indie-rock band from the North-West deliver ‘What Were You Expecting?’, a fine tune that the band have added to their discography. Sounding epic with a sweet sounding lead guitar and a real energy about things, ‘What Were You Expecting?’ is tailor-made to be heard live, which you can at Jimmy’s Liverpool on the 24th of October...The Crooks have shifted over from Foundry One to the increasingly popular Golden Robot Records and their first release on that label is ‘Better Days’. Starting with a piano and frontman Jacko’s now distinct voice, this is glorious in its fragility. ‘Better Days’ won’t go down as one of The Crooks’ most anthemic releases yet it is powerful and captivating all the same... ‘If You Won’t Say it’ is the frankly astonishing single release from Five O Fives. This is shivers down the spine stuff. When it seems the song is about to let go the band pull back, teasing the avalanche that comes a couple of minutes in. Beautifully produced (a step up from previous releases) and lyrically contemporary, there is a real excitement here at Our Sound Music around Five O Fives...Indie-popper Charlotte Bettson has experimented with different aspects of the genre over several previous releases and seems to have found her fit on new single ‘Unconditional’, an authentic sounding track. With a definite rock edge, ‘Unconditional’ has echoes of Pale Waves and classic female fronted guitar-pop. There is nothing experimental or off-kilter here; Bettson uses a well worn template and if you forgive the cliche, makes it her own...The enthusiastic Nory-J has released his debut solo single, (he was in the band Carvella) ‘Tough Cookie’. The song has a slow tempo and is a  well put together acoustic pop track. An interesting debut release...Two-piece punk rock band Laurel Canyon who hail from Pennsylvania introduce a delightful grunge riff on new single ‘Daddy’s Honey’. Unrelenting throughout its four and a half minute run time, Laurel Canyon have set about creating a song to blow our heads off and succeed…’Falling Sky’ is the latest release by emerging North-East band Docksuns. This is tuneful and instantly engaging with a real 60’s influence trying to shine through, especially in the guitar tone and chorus. ‘Falling Sky’ is also released with the band’s first music video for it, which you can view here...Candid bring their indie-synth sound on new release ‘Wasted Time’ which was produced by Rich Turvey (Blossoms, Vistas). ‘Wasted Time’ is a musically buoyant affair with intelligent lyrics, combining to form a blistering indie-pop song marking Candid’s post-Covid intent…’Heresy’ is the latest single from the Manchester based twenty year old Nat Dempsey. Upbeat and with trademark clean indie guitars Dempsey is on the right track but  there is a lack of conviction here that will no doubt develop over time. Short and succinct, ‘Heresy’ doesn’t overstay its welcome. It will be interesting to see how Nat Dempsey progresses...The A.V.Club who have been making waves with some great previous releases and cracking live shows, get straight to the point on ‘I Think I’m Fallin’’. The band have been meticulous here (the song was a year in the making) and it shows - a seamless melody and vocal shines brightly on what is one of the best release of the fortnight..The War On Drugs have released the title track from their upcoming new album, ‘I Don’t Live Here Anymore’. This really is another level; no pretensions just uncommon rock the way only The War On Drugs can make. The sound is unashamedly Don Henley retro, taking you away to another time and place; driving down an American highway, thinking about a yearned for lover. Chilled days at the beach. Engulfing every sense, ‘I Don’t Live Here Anymore’ marks what will be another triumphant era for The War On Drugs.

 All of the above releases can be listened to on our Spotify Playlist here.

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