CALM Release Their Sentimental Banger 'Our Twenties'

Published on 29 September 2021 at 09:40

Photo: Joe Parker



Northern England is a miserable place, but ‘Calm’ exists to throw a ray of sunshine into the bleak misery of redbrick buildings and council flats with their loud, ripping riffs and shredding solos handcrafted to rip the flesh from your face.


The band has been present in some capacity or another for ten years, with at least two or three members of ‘Calm’ being involved in previous punk bands. However, with this new and improved line up, they seem to have found their flow.


‘Calm’ consists of Ashley Merritt on guitar and vocals, Fred Jones on guitar, Jamie Lyons on drums and Raphael Amancio on bass. They finally seem to have found consistency, which is clear to see in the music they make. 


Their new single ‘Our Twenties’ follows the same ear-tugging, caterwauling sounds as their previous releases, but shares an element of value to its meaning. The new release is a heartfelt raging tearjerker, a catchy tribute to that mate who just can’t seem to ever get it together.


Photo: Joe Parker


In layman’s terms, the tune illustrates just how difficult it is to become an adult. As the band mentions: “You gotta figure out what that (adulthood) means to you, you gotta struggle, you gotta screw up and you gotta hope that on the other end you still vaguely resemble a human being.”


Our Twenties’ is the send off your adolescence doesn’t want, but it probably deserves. The band encourages you to play it loud and sing it proud!


'Our Twenties' is out now on all major streaming platforms and you can also listen to the track below.






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