Sibling Duo THE GOLDTUNES Release Their New Single 'History Class'

Published on 30 September 2021 at 12:00



Okay, so picture this: Two brothers, one 22 and the other 17, supposed amateurs in the music industry, cramped in a hot muggy makeshift studio under the stairs of their basement. Now cast your attention towards a poster Billie Joe Armstrong and Green Day looking over at each other as they struggle to record vocals. Well, you now know what it’s like to be a member of The Goldtunes.


They have this week released their new single. Named ‘History Class’, the song follows the story of every woman the two brothers fell in love with but never communicated with. It is a heart pumping anthem that will make up a part of their future album titled ‘Shadow Play’. 


Aiming to present themselves with an image of fun, relaxed and obnoxiously contagious, one half of the duo’s infectious ballad song writing is seamlessly accompanied by addictive punk guitar playing which paves the way for a sound like no other. And their expansive sound is matched by their equally vast influences, which sees Simon and Garfunkel eccentrically mentioned in the same sentence as Green Day.


Initially, ‘History Class’ was meant to be a love ballad that was accompanied by the tender sounds of an acoustic guitar. However, the band felt that the aggressive instrumentals that are present in the finished product better emulated the emotion in the room when the song was recorded. The raw emotion of needing someone’s attention was translated into the new and finely tuned, roaring riff. 


Here at Our Sound Music, we are glad that The Goldtunes chose to mix a ballad with a punk sound because its unique. It helps to curate a sound that hasn’t been heard in decades. Being one of their first ever releases, ‘History Class’ is sure to turn a few heads in the direction of this new band. 

'History Class' is out now on all major streaming platforms.




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