THE MOOD Are Back With Impassioned Single ‘The Bus Stop Song’, A Resounding Tune With A Nostalgic Feel

Published on 30 September 2021 at 20:56

By Angus SInclair - @AngusSinclair12


Halt your evening activities: The Mood are back with a bang after the release of their third single “The Bus Stop Song”, a natural love song with a tinge of an “urban paradise”.


In an instant, you are swiftly swept into a delightful base layer of the tune, an acoustic guitar riff both catchy and elegantly constructed by the lads. The instrumental then swiftly merges with the first verse, controlled solely by the excellently rustic vocals of lead singer Dan, with inspiration from the soundtrack to Submarine by Alex Turner.


A tale is spun, one of youthful romantic love interests that evoke personal emotions of the captivated listeners; the subsequent feeling is one of wholesome and appealing nature, the band candidly produce a track detailing issues beset upon many of us in our adolescent years, one line epitomises this:


‘I know we're good friends and nothing further,
But you're spinning round my head on a constant reel’.


The title of the tune is a tribute to the crux of the chorus, of being in a bus stop with the girl that you love and remembering a poignant moment in your memory. 


The single continues with aplomb, introducing enticing layers onto the foundation – Dan’s lyrics and the fantastic acoustic – the chorus combining the voices of the four-piece to create a harmonic flow assisted by guitar and percussion.



The Mood are a talented four-piece (Indie-rock band), plying their trade from the bustling city of Birmingham, establishing themselves as a regular outfit in the area. 


The four-piece have swept through the city, gaining momentum as an authentic and retro group backed up by an innate creative ability and heartfelt music.


They present a distinctive style reminiscent to the birth of the new millennia when indie-rock thrived at the forefront of the music industry; the genre may not accrue the numbers of contemporary, and ‘mainstream’ pop, but it certainly often offers music of the highest quality. 


The Mood are rising in the indie-rock scene, developing as a group, and nurturing their brimming talent, and have been very busy working on a plethora of singles, with five tracks set to be released to a growing fanbase across the next eight weeks. 


Make sure you check The Mood out; I promise you will not be disappointed. The creation of retro sound merged with a modern twist is frankly laudable and will only grow as the cream of the crop of a highly competitive industry.


'The Bus Stop Song' Is out now on all major streaming platforms and you can listen to the track below.







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