“Synapse” The Reflective New Single From JAKE BRACEY & THE MOUNTAIN LAURELS Is Out Now

Published on 4 October 2021 at 09:53

By Kyle Anderson


“Synapse” serves as a reflection for band leader Jake Bracey on being a long-time bar musician and the time spent away from his loved ones. Honest and authentic lyrics serve as a hard look in the mirror for Jake whilst musically, listeners find a blend of genres for the lyrics to cut through.


Synapse” came about after Jake had a long hard look at himself and found he was tired of being a dive-bar artist. Realising who and what he was missing out on and understanding the right path for himself. Narrating an internal argument within as to the balance of what’s desired in life and art and what is necessary, the track  has a dark-twinge to it and is Jake’s most personal song to date.


Jake Bracey & The Mountain Laurels comprises of Fred Keller on bass, Joe Venango on drums and band leader Jake on vocals, harmonica, piano and guitar. Initially with a revolving group of collaborators and friends performing in past recorded and live songs, Jake clicked with Keller and Venango ( owners and engineers of Everloft Studios) and the band have played together ever since. “Synapse” was recorded in the Greater Philadelphia area at Everloft with Joe Venango, Greg Golbitz and Fred Keller producing and engineering the track.


Having performed in unique locations such as a closet under his stairs, Jake and the band performed at Musikfest in August in Bethlehem, PA and via a 24 hour livestream presented by Everloft Studios at John & Peters in New Hope, PA in February 2019.


With clear influences taken from Americana and folk music and a well told sad story, Jake Bracey & The Mountain Laurel’s new song “Synapse” is out now on all major streaming platforms.






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