"Wild Unknown” The Bouncy Electro-Pop Debut Single By fable Is Out Today

Published on 4 October 2021 at 17:13

Photo:  Deb Leal 

By Kyle Anderson


Bound together by a forest-inspired soundscape and filled with soft echoing vocals “Wild Unknown” tells the story of the anticipation and fear that comes from putting your trust in someone. Reminiscent of Glass Animal’s earlier releases, the song perfectly illustrates the terrors and thrills of a new relationship.


The ideal song to enjoy and nod your head along to, fable’s dynamic and hauntingly gentle vocals takes listeners on a journey through a tale of pain, love and non stop optimism.


Los Angeles based singer-songwriter and producer fable started producing “Wild Unknown” with electronic drum and bass artist Sybreeds and the process and track was heavily influenced by the disintegration of her first long term relationship over the two years of the pandemic and a surprise need for brain surgery. 


Photo:  Deb Leal 


Wild Unknown” is a deeply personal track and came off the back of the hardest two years of fable’s life and is an excellent outcome after the challenging time endured. With more tracks penned and promised to follow, the deep lyrics are something we can look to expect from fable going forward as she looks set to share more intimate and personal music with her fans going forward.


“Wild Unknown” the debut track from fable is out now on all major streaming platforms platforms.







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