“Gotta Get Out” The New Self-Mixed Release From FOX FAGAN Is Out Now

Published on 5 October 2021 at 10:18

By Kyle Anderson


Gotta Get Out” sees Fox Fagan release his first self produced and self mixed single and sets out as a new beginning for him. Taking the decision to abandon genre and labelling what box his music fits into, Fagan is set to release more material that simply lets the music decide his path. The narrative for “Gotta Get Out” follows this new music making process with the song being about getting out of your own way.


Both living and creating his music in Los Angeles, CA , Fox Fagan is the singer and bass player for shoegazey/alt rock band Teleskopes and has experience in production after producing their album “Stereocilla” in 2017.


Fox Fagan is an Indie-rock singer-songwriter and previous release “Nobody On The Block” saw him return after a lengthy absence of a decade from releasing music. “Gotta Get Out” quashes any fears of another break from releasing music as he sets out his new vision for making plenty more music.


Photo:  Gregory Kasunich


Falling in love with music after his father gifted him a Casio keyboard as a youngster, Fagan has experimented with many instruments and takes influence from artists such as Leonard Cohen, Billy Bragg and Elvis Costello.


“Gotta Get Out” the new single by Fox Fagan is out now on all major streaming platforms.









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