DARCY KATE Releases Heavenly New Single 'Songbird'

Published on 5 October 2021 at 20:52



If you’re not prepared to listen to the heavenly vocals of Darcy Kate in her new single ‘Songbird’ already then perhaps a healthy dose of pumpkin spiced latte and a walk through the crimson autumn woods will do the trick.  


Darcy takes listeners away to a quaint little bookstore with the smells of fresh coffee and autumn spices in this new soothing folk story which unravels the story of launching free. 


Songbird’ is the third single from her forthcoming debut album, following on from the success which ‘Runaway’ received, having racked up airplay on Double J with Henry Wagons and Sarah Howells. It is a beautiful and stripped back folk song which at times gives you the chills as Darcy’s angelic voice floats through the mix, perfectly balanced amongst the acoustic guitar and piano. It is a sound reminiscent of old Jewel records.


As a singer/songwriter who grew up on the Sunshine Coast of Australia, her original songs are led by her melodic vocals and entwined by a timeless blend of genres that include folk, rock, blues, and pop.


Her songs usually comprise themes of love, change, connection, adventure, and tell unique Australian stories. Listening to Darcy is reminiscent of past times, and she will take a hold of you with her emotive lyrics. 



Her newest release tells the story of chasing your dreams despite the roadblocks that come up against along the way. Darcy explains:

I wrote Songbird last year during the pandemic. I wanted to write something as a reminder to myself to keep growing and pursuing what is important to me despite the barriers, fear, and dark times. This was a song that I never initially thought I would release, but after playing it for a few friends who connected with it, I decided to add it to the album. I hope it is a comfort to people during the hard days.


“Due to being such a personal song, I performed it in the studio alone (aside from Steve, my producer). We kept the arrangement delicate with influences from Katie Gray and Jewel. Anna (from duo Anna and Jordan) added backing vocals, piano, and the strings later. It was one of the quickest songs to come together on the album.


'Songbird' is out now on all major streaming platforms.






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