Australian Duo ROUGE Release Perfect Indie-Pop Single 'Heartbreak Is A Bore'

Published on 12 October 2021 at 21:01



Heartbreak Is A Bore’ is a song title that immediately casts doubt on how good the release could be. With connotations of nondescript and soulless love stories, Rouge, however, have evaded the clichés to produce a song that is nothing less than perfect.


They describe themselves as two 18-year-olds from Sydney who don’t know what they’re doing half the time, but this simply isn’t true. Stella Gray and Lucie Natalizio have accompanied each other brilliantly in this release, seemingly perfecting the art of making a song flow while also piecing together a story that everyone can relate to.


Although meeting and joining a band together at 14, Stella and Lucie still expressed desires to pursue a musical esplanade. So, after consulting with each other, the birth of Rouge was welcomed. 


While Stella was often tucked herself away behind the drums, her stage fright was cured and so she joined Lucie under the new band name, standing side by side to whip up an almighty harmony that would later see their debut single ‘Heartbreak Is A Bore’ brew an immediate impact on their audience.  



And thankfully for us, it is just their debut - a warm, open-armed welcome to their melancholic music. It traverses the feeling of when you are too scared to get your heartbroken - A feeling that we are all familiar with in some shape or form. 


As the duo explains: “You end up dropping the whole idea of being with that person (because of the fear of heartbreak), but in the end, you still end up getting damaged anyway; heartbreak really is a bore.


'Heartbreak Is A Bore' is out now on all major streaming platforms.





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