Introducing: MEMES And Their New Single 'Heavy Night'

Published on 13 October 2021 at 13:01

Photo: Kenny Inglis



On the 6th October 2021, MEMES returned with their first new release since their self-titled debut EP was released in 2020. The latest single ‘Heavy Night’ is sure to be loved by those who enjoy the sneering sounds of a punk rock band and the fast-paced tempo of Glaswegian-induced indie rock.


Cousins John and Paul McLinden have been praised by key press and radio outlets alike, but it’s hardly a surprise. While they have been hailed by BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio Scotland, their fans will no doubt be begging for more after the first drop of their latest single tickles the taste buds.


Rampant, rippling and roaring, ‘Heavy Night’ follows the same sounds and techniques as their previous releases. However, now that the duo has been able to spend some time away from music to reassess and recharge, the quality of music they now curate comes across more refined and polished.


The single serves as a documentation of the happenings outside of John’s window on Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow. Inspired by the steady streams of people making their way home through the city’s nightlife hub, the bustling cut pairs MEMES’ knack for addictive lyricism with jagged, fast-paced guitars and lashing percussion.


We see them starting their evening, clean cut, well-dressed and in buoyant mood, then at the end they fall out of pub doors in dishevelled, disorientated states. It’s that disintegration that became the backdrop to this song”, explains Paul.


The song is dedicated to people who spill the contents of their takeaway trays onto the pavement, who stare blankly at bouncers when told they’ve had too much to drink, and who can’t articulate their addresses when they lean in the windows of private taxis.”



2021 has been a successful year for this talented Glaswegian duo. They have made virtual appearances at festivals, from SXSW in the US to The Great Escape, Wide Days and c/o pop in Germany, while also lining up a stream of exciting new releases scheduled for 2022 releases.


A run of UK and EU live shows are also planned for the remainder of the year, with the band hoping to underpin their successes through gripping live performances. 


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