“Nothing Out Of Me”, The New Pop/Hip-Hop Based Track By DAISY GILL Impresses With Its Direction & Music Video

Published on 13 October 2021 at 21:16

Words: Kyle Anderson



Nothing out of Me” was written by Daisy Gill and is about being a young woman in the music industry and in life, getting the feeling that people try to hold you to false promises, manipulate you or people having ulterior motives for working with you and people trying to belittle you and your work. The track focuses on people acting this way yet you are fully aware of their intentions and aren’t as naive and dumb as they think you to be.


The tongue in cheek joke of the song explains “you’re not getting nothing out of me” even though you think you are and the music video for the track shows a blind date that goes horribly wrong where Daisy murders the date in a dark humoured manner.  The witty music video also symbolises people making fun of the crazy girl label given to women who stand up from themselves and that are assertive when needed to be.


Nothing Out Of Me” comes with personal meaning and feeling behind it with Daisy sick of being told she is crazy, egotistical and hard to work with all because she is trying to stand up for herself and trying to take back control of her creative license. The track also plays on the issue with relationships where the girl isn’t treated in the way she should be and when sticking up for herself again has “too high expectations” or is deemed “crazy” when all she wants is to be respected and treated the right way and not walked all over.


Taking influence from genres like hip-hop and pop and artists such as TLC, Taylor Swift and Anne Marie, Daisy Gill brings her own edge to her music producing the tracks herself and getting the sound that she wants from the songs. “Nothing Out Of Me” was recorded at Daisy’s home and Tiger Blind’s Tom Jones mixed and mastered the track. Finishing with a glass smash, it could well be symbolic of Daisy breaking through the glass ceiling and nailing this track and her path to success.



Having played Main stage at Liverpool’s Pride and playing at London’s Royal Albert Hall, Daisy has the experience of playing at prestigious events and buildings and has correctly been labelled as a rising pop star who is at a turning point in her career  and looks set for domination.


“Nothing out of Me” the new hip/hop -pop single by Daisy Gill is out now on all major streaming platforms.






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