SHAE BROCK Releases Her New Dream-Rock Single 'Wish'

Published on 14 October 2021 at 13:22

Words: Kyle Anderson


Creating her own wave of sound labelled Dream-Rock, Shae Brock has truly carved a unique sound with similarities to that of 1960s artist Laurel Canyon - a totally satisfying sonic revival of sounds of yesteryear brought up to date.


Taking inspiration for “Wish” from a recent re-location, Shae reflects on thinking of someone wishing they knew you were thinking of them and how it would feel to be loved by them. The song reflects on how her life changed course by meeting someone and as a result moving cities to then being a stranger in a town. 


Shae’s recent EP “Dreamers Club” saw her reach an impressive milestone of surpassing a million streams and saw her collaborate with Gucci Mane before she decided to switch up genres and bring us music like new track “Wish”.


Photo: Sachi Sato


An Arizonian native born and raised, which Shae reflects upon her move away from in this new releases, sees her home state influence her songwriting. The endless landscape of mountains and deserts likened to an artist taking to canvas with different stories and characters, she lets her music flow naturally to paint the picture to her listeners with her lyrics. Now based in Southern California, Shae once again looks to her surroundings for inspiration with the architecture steeped in history providing that nostalgic vibe to her music.


“Wish” the new dreamy nostalgic rock single by Shae Brock is out now on all major streaming platforms.




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