THE EMPIRE POLICE Present Their Era-Defining Catchy New Single 'Like They Do'

Published on 15 October 2021 at 11:26

By Rach Hankin


Hailing from Preston, The Empire Police are a very exciting band. They already have an impressive repertoire behind them, and their latest single, 'Like They Do', is just going to add to that. 


Released today, this new single is catchy and will have you instantly hooked. It was recorded at The Future Sound studio in Longridge, and was mixed and engineered by the band’s own lead guitarist, Tom Hale. Graeme Lynch from TwoZeroNine Mastering then mastered the final track. 


From the get-go, 'Like They Do' captivates the listener with spellbinding synths with an 80s feel, but then we are immediately brought back to a modern indie pop track with the introduction of the punching percussion and driving guitars. The opening vocals from Jordao Bassa sound, to this writer, almost like Dougy Mandagi from The Temper Trap in their iconic track, Sweet Disposition, with the perfect blend of powerful belts and soft falsetto. 


Thematically, 'Like They Do' is very topical with intelligent and memorable lyrics. The track takes on the subject of social media and influencer culture, highlighting the unrealistic expectations placed on young people to be accepted.


Speaking of the song, Bassa saysWe hope that listeners feel inspired and empowered, and recognise that what is peddled to you on social media is not reality”.


Far too often in the media we only hear about how the dangers of social media impact girls and young women, so it’s actually quite refreshing to hear this subject being talked about by an all-male band. Boys and men also deal with self esteem and mental health issues, and the band should be applauded for being so candid about it in their music. 


The Empire Police are also an exciting live band. 


This new single appears on the Soccer Manager 2022 soundtrack, which is an amazing opportunity for the Lancashire lads to have their music listened to by potentially millions of people who play the game. 


The Empire Police have certainly given us an anthem here that will be a definite highlight of their live shows. I look forward to diving deep into their back catalogue and can’t wait to see what’s next for this band. 


'Like They Do' is out now on all major streaming platforms and you can listen to the tune below.








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