THE GREAT LESLIE Return With Authentic And Poignant Tune “You Lost Yourself”

Published on 16 October 2021 at 14:50

By Angus Sinclair


Indie-rock is a highly competitive area of the music industry, with artists often struggling to find their own voice and differentiate themselves from the wealth of talent. The Great Leslie have no such issues, with their distinctive quirks quite clear from the intricate construction of their tunes.


The band are back with a banger, no kidding. “You Lost Yourself” fits the bill as a contemporary rock song with flowing vocals and instrumental layers that leave exalting praise from all who listen. 


Forming in the depths of lockdown, the band used the period of angst and uncertainty to create a band that glided through a wave of alternative rock with inspired flair from a genre enigmatically heavier.


Initially starting as a somewhat lifted and melodic tune, the song bursts into life with a crescendo of heightened vocals and robust guitar riffs to leave no doubt towards the array of quality oozing from the four-piece.



Lead vocalist and rhythmic guitarist Ollie Trevers spoke on how the song was constructed, and further explained the pain of watching a loved one change for the worse, going on a tumultuous journey that is not easily followed, even by loved ones. 


The rest of the outfit is made up by Julien Baraness on lead guitar, Jason Boyd on bass, and Ryan Lavender on percussion – together, the lads have welcomed six singles to the industry and are only getting started. 


Trevers said, "You Lost Yourself is all about those awful times when someone you care for becomes someone that they're not in front of your eyes. We all go through change as people.

“We all develop and move on, but sometimes that change isn't good, and sometimes it doesn't represent who you truly are inside. 

“It's about this idea of drastic personality change, that's what I focused on, but the undercurrent of the whole song is just about that great sense of loss that we are left with when this happens.


Many can resonate with these words; issues such as drifting with those once close to you, as well as clashing over contrasting viewpoints can have a polarising effect. The Great Leslie encapsulates this beautifully, with the growing tension from the track planting the seed that evokes a sense of sorrow over past experiences. 

There is an air of promise emanating from The Great Leslie’s lauded start to life as a band, with the merge of talent from each member complimenting their rise to prominence.


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