'Losing Ourselves' Is The New Single From North Queensland Rock Band POISON OAK

Published on 16 October 2021 at 13:58

Photo: Dave Chance

Words: Kyle Anderson


Losing Ourselves” sees the first release from North Queensland rock outfit Poison Oak since signing with Epictronic. The track combines both an uplifting and melancholy Australian rock n’ roll sound offset by hard hitting riffs and catchy melodies The lyrics define the common misgivings of modern life.


Whilst still maintaining their Aussie roots, “Losing Ourselves” sees the four-piece refine their sound and take their music in a slightly different direction.  The track highlights a more developed and polished sound and showcases the clear songwriting abilities of the band.


Poison Oak consists of Ray Pearson, Russell West, Chris Reiterer and James Balthes. The band began with James and Russel meeting each other when working as High School teachers at the same school. Ray, a mutual friend of both musicians, joined and the trio began jamming and playing together in 2019. James brought music to the group consisting of catchy rocky riffs and melodic piano ballads and the group began to gel from this point onwards. 


Receiving reviews in Amplify and bring the hottest pick of the week within FV music blogs, the band continued to write and release new material during the pandemic gaining them much deserved radio and media coverage across the globe.


With a string of releases in quick succession, the band’s admirers grew along with their unique sound on tracks such as “Feeling Numb On Sundays” and “Start Again“, the band's first single  about starting again after going through an emotional upheaval.


Photo: Dave Chance


Poison Oak have gone on to release more music with “Waiting” and “Sarah” also from their upcoming EP “1996”. Gaining slots within multiple playlists across the world and multiple reviews and features in magazines throughout Australia and around the globe, their sound has been compared to that of The Killers combined with an authentic, fresh and familiar rock sound.


“Losing Ourselves” the new rock single by Poison Oak is out now on all major streaming platforms.








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