'Light' The Thoughtful And Poetic New Release By COURTNEY COLE Is Out Today

Published on 15 October 2021 at 23:06

Photo: Zac Poor



Courtney Cole’s thoughtful and poetic outlook on life courses through her music, reaching new volumes in her latest single ‘Light.’ Inspired by nature and written on the ocean as a poem, this brand-new single is everything you ever wanted for a peaceful escape. 


Produced by Cameron Stymeist, who has written and produced for many artists, achieving success in TV/film placements with Lyrics House Publishing in LA, ‘Light’ is recorded in a 528hz frequency, drawing links to the ancient healing frequency present throughout nature.


As the talented songwriter explains, Courtney is a firm believer in healing through sound, lamenting the importance for her music not only to heal emotions but energetically as well. As the song flows so effortlessly, it is easy to tell that she has completed her mission in this release.


‘Light’ feels like a microcosm of success that has been bubbling under the surface for a while now. After all, Courtney Cole has earned her stripes across the music industry, working her way up the corporate ladder at a record label, touring the US and earning millions of streams across her repertoire. 


This past year alone, she released a four-track EP titled ‘Earthquake’, which was recognized on several Spotify editorial playlists, launched her own podcast, and continued to impress her growing audience.


Photo: Zac Poor


Growing up in New Orleans, Louisiana, Courtney has soaked up a rich variety of music throughout her childhood, something that has shone through in her latest single. Surrounded by vibrant music that inducted her into jazz, blues, gospel, R&B, soul and everything in between. 


From a young age, Courtney Cole was imbued with a profound appreciation for music and its cathartic powers, now she explores her own talents, expressing it most predominantly in ‘Light’. 








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