AMELLE ROSE Continues To Dazzle With Anguished And Fervent Release “Manchild”

Published on 15 October 2021 at 22:27

Photo: Fabian Dryden

By Angus Sinclair


The immensely talented Amelle Rose has today released her new single “Manchild” and has successfully served a song with an underlying rock base with a passionate and evocative spin on the anguish that can come with a separation. 


With a moody baseline accompanied by a ferocious percussion beat, and with a euphoric electronic sheen, Rose creates a track brimming with emotion and innate musical ability.


Break-up songs can be teeter precariously on the line of the derivative, with a lack of authenticity rife among such tunes dappled across the industry. 


Rose has made a name creating songs both passionate and honest but has opted for a sadly captivating feel with her latest release, playing on an experience beset upon the masses.


The bridge, entering nearly three minutes into the four-minute track, succeeds in building a tantalising whirlwind of tension and evocative emotion as she sings of angsty feelings when dealing with a break-up. 


All in all, Rose incorporates elegance in the vocals with eloquence in the lyrics. The result? A track not only painfully beautiful but also naturally excellent.


Photo: Fabian Dryden


In ‘Manchild’, Rose is candidly brilliant with fierce and gripping vocals, detailing the relatable struggles inflicted upon such situations.


Throughout the entirety of this conglomerate of contrasting, yet magnificent, sounds, Rose maintains a distinctive rock-and-roll vibe that has seen her blossoming career steer onto a promising trajectory. 


Rose is a 24-year-old aspiring singer-songwriter from France, and now resides in Bristol, UK; an area well renowned for nurturing and developing promising musical talent with an emphasis on intricate and authentic instrumental and electronic sound. 


At such an early stage in her journey, Rose has already discovered musical individuality, as well as means of incorporating varying techniques and elements to culminate in a range of songs, each with its own idiosyncrasies. 


With over 40,000 streams on Spotify before the release of her first album – currently in the works – a sturdy foundation has been established.


Whilst we’re on about the album; don’t miss it! Rose has already displayed her promise in the alternative rock scene, and has all the passion, lyrical ability, and smooth, melodic voice to create a debut album that will emphatically announce herself to a career of prosperity.  









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